The importance of Hide My Ass! Pro VPN is increasing in today’s times of rampant hacking in the world of computers...

Who Needs VPN Services?

VPN is most suitable for various organizations such as educational institutions, large corporate, and government bodies as it facilitates their employees to be securely connected to a private network. The corporate can ensure their employees posted.

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The Protocols of VPN

A Virtual Private Network or VPN, as it is better known as, is basically a collection of computers put together over the Internet which is a public network. The considerations of anonymity in encrypting your online activity can be met while using a VPN.

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VPN Advantages

VPN which means ‘Virtual Private Network’ is a medium through which remote users can get access to their relevant network, without necessitating the laying of costly dedicated cables for the same.

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HMA Pro VPN Review

The importance of VPN or Virtual Private Network is increasing in today’s times of rampant hacking in the world of computers. To put it simply, VPN is a private network established within the infrastructure of a public network like the internet so as to enable users to gain access to this private network from remote areas. There are various such VPN service providers who ensure protection from malicious threats to data exchange between the user and network. One such VPN service provider is HMA or HideMyAss VPN provider.


The HMA was established in the UK in 2005 by a group of experts in Internet security. Their goal is to provide highest levels of security and anonymity to the clients to surf the web. How effective have they been in achieving their goal can be understood from their review. This can be better understood if their features and some of its strengths can be elaborated. 

Strengths of HMA

There are some immediate benefits you enjoy when you put HMA into use.

Wide Choice of Gateways

HMA has a vast network which is spread in 59 countries and a total of 52000 plus IP addresses to choose from. You can open any website of your choice be it a Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or any other irrespective of geographical restrictions. Your virtual location can be changed to any place in the world.

Digital Security Thru’ Secure IP Bind and IP Address Settings

One of its greatest strengths is the capability of switching IP addresses as per user’s requirements. The user can specify the schedule for switching of IP address and the software handles the whole thing. The Secure IP Bind, a unique HMA feature provides anonymity to all your IP addresses. This feature allows the working of the application you set up in it, only till you are connected.

Protocols Available

OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP are the several protocols available with HMA which helps in easy connectivity from any operating system or device.


All packages are priced reasonably and don’t discriminate between access to unlimited bandwidth and its services. A single price makes available all the servers of HMA open to you.

Speed Guide

This is another feature of HMA which empowers you to access the network from the gateway closest to you.  If you want to test the speeds offered, the Ping test button has to be clicked on by you and a list of servers and their maximum response time will appear before you.

Log Policy

Your time of connection and disconnection is only logged by HMA; the actual activities are not included in its logging.

Option Of Installing HMA on Router

You have the option of installing HMA on your router; all devices using internet connection will be assured of HMA’s security cover.

Customer Support

A quick and efficient customer service is available through email and live chat. Queries on each of them are answered within an hour and ten minutes respectively.


With HMA, you can be rest assured that your surfing is being done under conditions of strict security and anonymity at great speeds. All applications using internet are masked in the cloak of anonymity with a mere click of a button. All the above mentioned strengths definitely make it advantageous for any user to utilize the services of HMA Pro VPN, making it one of the best VPN service providers of the day.

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